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The Islamic Centre of England reopens its doors on the birth anniversary of Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (a.s)

The Islamic Center of England was reopened under the covid-related restrictions and protocols coinciding with the birth anniversary of Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (a.s).

Last night, in accordance with covid health protocols, the celebration was held one hour prior to Maghrib Adhan and concluded with congregational prayer and Iftar. This ceremony was attended by a limited number of people following the fasting ritual of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

HIWM Seyyed Hashem Moosavi, director of the Islamic Centre of England, while welcoming the participants, spoke about the virtues and qualities of Imam Hasan (as).
He emphasised the importance of utilising the spirituality of the nights of Qadr.

HIWM Moosavi said: “This centre has never been closed for such a long period. Thus, due to more than a year of quarantine, many of our cultural and educational programs have been presented to the audience of this centre through the internet.

In this celebration, in addition to the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, one of the Maddahs of the Ahl al-Bayt (a.s) recited Maddahi. Then the congregational prayer was held in accordance with social distancing measures. Then the attendees opened their fast at the tables provided outdoors.

The Islamic Centre of England will continue these Ramadan events until the end of this blessed month.



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