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Holding the 60th session of Weekly Webinar on Islam and Contemporary Issues- By Sayyed Mohammad Razavi- Monday 20/12/2021

Holding the 60th session of weekly webinar on Islam and contemporary issues

In an era where so many of people are working or studying from home and have more flexible timetables, Islamic Centre of England is holding few live interactive discussions in different speakers and topics such as weekly webinar on Islam and contemporary issues.

The weekly webinar on Islam and contemporary issues is held live every Monday at 6 p.m. on virtual networks such as Zoom, YouTube and Facebook.

The 60th session of this webinar, which was held on Monday, 20th December, 2021, dedicated its topic to the following subject:

Philosophy of Trials and Tests in this World

In this meeting, which was addressed by HIWM Sayyed Mohammad Razavi, he spoke for 30 minutes on the subject of the meeting.

Sayyed Mohammad Razavi was born into a religious scholar’s family in the holy city of Qum, Iran in 1960.

Sayyed Razavi entered the famous theological centre of Qum in 1974 and continued his studies in a range of disciplines including Arabic Literature, Fiqh, Usul, Logic, Political Science, and Islamic Philosophy.  He started his theological studies under the supervision of his father and continued under many prominent scholars such as Ayatullahs Noori Hamadani, Nasser Makarim Shirazi, Ja’far Subhani, Mousavi Tabrizi, Mesbah   Yazdi,  Montazeri,   Motahhari and Graduated from Islamic Seminary in Qum.

Following an invitation by the Hussaini Islamic Mission in London, Sayyed Razavi left Iran in 1984 and settled in London to take on the responsibilities of Minister of Religion and Imam Jum’ah wa Jama’at at the above centre in West London.

Since his arrival in UK, Sayyed Razavi has worked with or assisted many organizations such as the S.I. Education Society; the Islamic Centre of England; Mahfil Ali; the Islamic Universal Association; Hayderi Imam Bargah; the al-Khoei Centers in London and Swansea (Wales); and AIEC of Fatimah Zahra in Huntsville, Alabama in the United States.  He has delivered speeches and lectures in numerous educational and religious establishments and organizations in the UK, Europe, Canada, USA, the Caribbean Islands and Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Guyana in South America and played an active role in Interfaith matters.

Sayyed Razavi delivers lectures in Persian, English, and Urdu and sometimes in Arabic.

He also provides his services as a freelance Islamic Speaker interested in various Islamic Issues and has had TV programs and Interviews on various different channels such as Sahar TV, Press TV, Russian TV, Levant TV, Hadi TV, Ahlebait TV, Ahlulbayt TV, National and local TV and Radio programs in Guyana, South America, BBC, VOA, al-Aalam, Nassr TV, al-Furaat TV, Hidayat TV The Iranian Channel 4 in IRAN.

In addition to the above, Sayyed Razavi has lectured for foreign students in the Hawza Ilmiyyah in Qum and the Hawza Ilmiyyah Imam Husain in London. Beside these lectures, he has also provided private tutorial services for Islamic seminary students in Qum and London. In addition, he often lectures to students of diverse faiths from the primary to PhD levels.

At the second part of the meeting in the Q&A section, the meeting’s moderator, Mr Seyed Mahdi Abedi ask the questions raised by the participants in the meeting and the speaker answered them.

The session, which lasted 55 minutes, ended at 6:55 p.m.

Weekly Webinar on Islam & Contemporary Issues

Talk by HIWM Sayyed Mohammad Razavi

Topic: “Philosophy of Trials and Tests in this World “

️Monday 20th December 2021
Time: 6:00 p.m.

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