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Holding the 134th Session of Weekly Webinar on Quranic Lifestyle- By Sayyed Mohammad Razavi- Thursday 02/02/2023

Holding the 134th session of weekly webinar on Quranic Lifestyle

In an era where so many of people are working or studying from home and have more ‎flexible timetables, Islamic Centre of England is holding few live interactive discussions with ‎different speakers and topics such as weekly webinar on Quranic Lifestyle.‎

The weekly webinar on Quranic Lifestyle is held live every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. on virtual ‎networks such as Zoom, YouTube and Facebook.

The 134th session of this webinar, which was held on Thursday, 02nd February 2023, has dedicated ‎its topic to the following subject: ‎

Necessity of Defining Family and it’s Values

In this meeting, which was addressed by HIWM Sayyed Mohammad Razavi‎‎, he delivered his ‎speech for approximately 30 minutes on the subject of the meeting.‎

Sayyed Mohammad Razavi entered the famous theological centre in 1974 and continued ‎his studies in a range of disciplines including Arabic Literature, Fiqh, Usul, Logic, ‎Political Science, and Islamic Philosophy.  ‎

He started his theological studies under the supervision of his father and continued ‎under many prominent scholars and Graduated from Islamic Seminary.‎

Since his arrival in UK, Sayyed Razavi has worked with or assisted many ‎organizations such as the S.I. Education Society; the Islamic Centre of England; ‎Mahfil Ali; the Islamic Universal Association; Hayderi Imam Bargah; the al-Khoei ‎Centers in London and Swansea (Wales); and AIEC of Fatimah Zahra in Huntsville, ‎Alabama in the United States.  ‎

He has delivered speeches and lectures in numerous educational and religious ‎establishments and organizations in the UK, Europe, Canada, USA, the Caribbean ‎Islands and Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Guyana in South America and played ‎an active role in interfaith matters.‎

Sayyed Razavi delivers lectures in Persian, English, and Urdu and sometimes in ‎Arabic. ‎

He also provides his services as a freelance Islamic Speaker interested in various ‎Islamic Issues and has had TV programs and Interviews on various different ‎channels. ‎

At the second part of the meeting in the Q&A section, the meeting’s moderator, Mr Seyed Mahdi Abedi asked the questions raised by the participants in the meeting and the speaker ‎answered them such as:

1-What is the definition of family according to Islam, Divine ideologies and nature?

2-We are living in a modern world and quite a lot of human beings are well educated then why it is necessary to defied “Family”?

3- What is the aim of those who are going against divine teachings a d human nature in redefining family and it’s values

4-What is our responsibility towards protecting family values ‎

Weekly Webinar on Quranic Lifestyle

🎤 Talk by HIWM Sayyed Mohammad Razavi

📌 Topic: “Necessity of Defining Family and it’s Values”

🗓️ Thursday 2nd February 2023

‎⏰ Time: 6:00 p.m.‎

🌎 Watch Live on:‎




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