Majlis Shahadat Imam Ali Ibn Moosar Redha (as)

On the sad occasion of the martydom anniversary of Imam Ali ibn Musa Redha (as), we discuss why Imam Redha is one of the more known Imams of the Ahlulbayt (s).

📌 Why was Imam Redha (AS) known as the scholars of the Holy Progeny of Prophet Muhammad (s)
📣 Talks by
en: Sheikh Afzal Merali
ar: Sheikh Munir Al-Toraihi
ur: Syed Abbas Abedi
fa: Sheikh Ahmad Vaezi
📅 Saturday 17th October 2020
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07:00 PM: Arabic
07:30 PM: English
08:00 PM: Urdu
08:30 PM: Farsi
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