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Return of Islamic Centre of England to normal activities

The Islamic Centre of England will resume its normal activities on Monday this year, 19th of July. According to the officials of the Islamic Cente of England and following the lifting of the restrictions on public health in the UK, this center will officially start its normal activities from Monday this week and will accept Momenin (believers) without any restrictions. According to this report, from Monday, July the 19th, Zohrain (Zuhr-Asr) and Maghrabain (Maghrib-Isha) prayers will be held in the congregation there. The weekly programs are as follows: Short lessons about Ahkam and Hadith are among the daily programs of this centre and will be presented after Asr prayers as well as Moral issues after Isha prayers. Dua Komeil and Ziarah Warith would be after every Thursday Isha prayer; Dua Tawassul on every Tuesday after Isha prayer and recitation of Dua Nudbah would be at 9 am every Friday. For more information on programs, events, webinars, and classes, you can visit the website of Islamic Centre of England at ( The Islamic Centre of England would kindly ask from dear brothers and sisters, to consider the following health tips to prevent the possible risk of Corona disease while attending the Islamic Centre’s programs. 1- Perform Wudhu or ablution in the house as much as possible. 2- Be sure to use a mask. 3. Avoid shaking hands and hugging each other. 4- If possible, do not use the centre’s toilet services. 5- Cleanliness should be observed while attending the Center. 6- Disinfect your hands before and after each program. 7- People over 70 years old, patients, vulnerable people and those who have not been fully vaccinated are recommended not to participate in the programs of the Islamic Centre of England.


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