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Ghadir Khum Painting Award at the Islamic Centre of England

This year, the Islamic Centre of England, with the blessings of God Almighty and the end of social restrictions, will celebrate Ghadir Khum more glorious than in previous years.

In this ceremony, in addition to speeches in three languages, an exhibition of cultural products and the performance of the award for Painting will also be held.

The Eid Ghadir Award is a live performance of a painting by Mr Vahid Sabbaghian, an Iranian artist living in London. At the end of the ceremony, participants can be the honorary winner of this valuable work of art of the Islamic Centre of England signed by the Iranian artist.

Simultaneously with the ceremony, an exhibition of cultural products, including Iranian handicrafts, will be held and participants can buy from this exhibition.
The topic:

“Why Eid al-Ghadir has been introduced as the greatest Eid by the infallible Imams a.s?”

This celebration will be held on Thursday 29 July 2021 from 19:00 to 21:00 at the Islamic Centre of England.

Persian & English Speaker: HIWM Seyyed Hashem Moosavi
Arabic Speaker: HIWM Sheikh Munir Al Turaihi

Farsi Maddah: Hajj Ali Mosalaie
Arabic Maddah: Mulla Seyyed Jafar Moosavi
English Maddah: Syed Zaigham Ali Shan



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