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Celebrating the birth anniversary of Imam Kazem (a.s) in the Islamic Centre of England

The celebration of the birthday of Imam Kazem (as) was held in the Islamic Centre of England.

In this ceremony, which was held on the evening of July 31, 2021, with the presence of the lovers of Ahl ol-Bayt (as), HIWM Rashad Ansari, as the Arabic speaker of this ceremony, said in his speech: The purpose of this celebration is to invite people to adhere to the Qur’an, the Prophet and his household, because Prophet of Islam and his household are absolutely guided by the command of God, and God is, of course, the true guide. Therefore, their virtues illuminate the path to the happiness of humanity and Muslims.

In this ceremony, Sheikh Ahmed Hanif also spoke in English about the virtues of Imam Kazem (as) and also added: By enduring hardships, this great Imam paved the way for endurance and patience for the Shiites. More important than patience and perseverance, was his struggle against tyranny. Patience itself has also been a clear picture of this struggle.

The speaker of the Persian part, HIWM Faridifar in his speech mentioned that: patience and endurance of Imam Kazem (a.s) was/is a perfect model of patience and endurance for the life of every human being. He also said: If the same pattern is followed in today’s life, all problems for human beings will be easily solved. He added: patience is the most important way to fight against problems and difficulties, but in everywhere, such as social issues and their problems, patience is not necessarily the only solution, but the problem of life must definitely be analysed and a solution must also be considered.



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