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The Director of the Islamic Centre of England thanked the officials and personalities for their sympathy and messages of condolence

HIWM Seyed Hashem Moosavi, the director of the Islamic Centre of England expressed gratitude to the senders of messages of condolence to him and his family on the sad departure of his beloved mother. The full message is as follows:

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Dear Scholars, esteemed professors, brothers and sisters

The eternal loss of the mother is a very heavy and exhausting loss that can not be endured without the grace of the almighty God. I Thank God and appreciate your sympathy as well as your kind words addressing to me and my family, it means a lot to us that brings patience and peace of mind to us.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you dear ones and dignitaries, inside and outside the country who sympathised with us by your phone calls, audio and video messages as well as your presence in my mothers funeral ceremonies during these few days. I wish you all the success, health and prosperity. I ask God almighty to shower His special grace, mercy and forgiveness upon us and the souls of all our dear deceased ones.

Your brother in Faith,
Seyed Hashim Moosavi
Islamic Centre of England


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