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Celebration of the birth anniversary of lady Zainab (A.S) in the Islamic Centre of England

The celebration of the birth of lady Zainab (A.S) was held in the Islamic Centre of England with the aim of examining how to remain steadfast in the way of almighty God.

This celebration was held on 9th of December 2021 and just after the recitation of dua Komeil, HIWM Seyed Abbas Abedi gave a speech by quoting the verse 30 of Surah Fussilat in the Holy Quran: The first step is to defeat the devil who is always sitting on the right path to mislead us.

By referring to the hardships and resistance of lady Zainab (A.S) in the face of all sufferings, he added: The second step to keep yourself on the right path is a complete trust in God, which lady Zainab (A.S) is/was a perfect example of trusting in God because when the difficult and tragic circumstances of the loss of his brother Imam Hussain (AS) took place, she said to Yazid: I see nothing but beauty from my Lord.

Seyed Abbas Abedi also mentioned that, from the mission and the role of lady Zainab (A.S) in Yazid’s palace and conveying the message of Ashura, it can be understood that when a person has a complete trust in God, s/he can remain steadfast in his/her path in any situations.

In this celebration, Noor al-Din al-Kadhimi in his eulogy of the Ahl al-Bayt (A.S) brought joy and happiness for audiences.

Moreover, in the ceremony, a test of religious questions was also held among children and the participants in this competition also received prizes by answering the questions correctly.


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