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The director of the Islamic Centre of England emphasized on Celebrating the glorious birthdays of Ahlubayt just like mourning for them

HIWM Moosavi, the director of the Islamic Centre of England thanked young people in showing their love to AhlUlBayt AS during the Fatemmiyeh nights of mourning, which took place more passionately than any other years. He emphasised: Islam is the delightful religion and the lovers of the holy progeny Should have a significant presence in The birth anniversary of that great Lady, that is ahead.

HIWM Seyed Hashem Moosavi pointed out to the 100% quantitative and qualitative growth of youth attendance, group participation, mourning times during the Fatemmiyeh period this year compared to previous years, and stated that this is the result of spreading love to the family of the great prophet of Islam in the world. Moreover, he mentioned: Certainly according to what the Holy Prophet of Islam said to Salman, O Salman, Whoever shows love and affection towards my daughter Fatemeh, will be with me in Paradise, and whoever has demonstrates enmity towards her, will be in the Hellfire. Definitely, the reward of these mournings will be considered by Ahl ol-Bayt (A.S) in this world as well as in hereafter.

The director of the Islamic Centre of England said: During the first Fatemmiyeh in December 2021, five nights of programme were held in English and in the second Fatimmiyeh, four programmes in three languages were held in three nights. This shows the significant growth of honoring Fatimmiyeh mourning compared to previous years.

The Director of the Islamic Centre of England pointed out that Islam is a religion of happiness and advised young people to attend the celebrations of the birthdays of those noble people as they honour the mourning of the Ahl ol-Bayt (A.S) so that Islam is never introduced as a religion of sorrow and mourning in Western countries.

HIWM Moosavi added: The Islamic Centre of England is also ready to participate in the celebration of private meetings of religious groups, in the feasts of the Infallibles (PBUT).

The Islamic Centre of England will hold two celebration days of the birth of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) on Saturday and Sunday, January 22nd and 23rd of 2022. This celebration will be held on Saturday in English and Urdu by the private sector and on Sunday in Arabic, English and Persian by the Islamic Centre of England.


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