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The Book Launch Ceremony of “The Prophet of Mercy”,

This is a newly-translated book based on the speeches of The I.R.I Esteemed Leader.

On the occasion of the Eid al-Mab’ath, the book, namely The Prophet of Mercy” was launched.

In this ceremony, the Muslim and Christian Scholars have attended to launch the book in a television program in London. Mohsen Abbas, a presenter, and researcher, said: “This book contains statements and notes of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
It is fascinating for the leader of an Islamic society in the 21st century to write about the leader’s performance of an Islamic society in the 7th century. because it is an attempt to connect the two religious societies and how individual morality and behaviour relate to the moralization of society and people. , Is one of the topics proposed in this book, following the example of the Prophet of Islam. In this book, which is a collection of lectures and notes of the Esteemed Leader of the Islamic Revolution about the Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.A), he expresses his innovations and innovative solutions for the society of Medina and now provides solutions for the current societies.

HIWM Seyed Hashem Moosavi, the Islamic Centre of England’s Director, said: “One of the people’s demands, especially the youth in the West, is to know about Islam and the Holy Prophet of Isam specifically about the character and manners of him peace be upon him. We therefore, wanted for the English-speaking youth, to learn about the Prophet’s moralities and a condensed version of His biography using a more reliable source. Accordingly, the best resource that came to our mind was a book compiled by the speeches of a grand Scholar and esteemed leader named “The Prophet of Mercy.” We believe this book can be the best to fulfill the needs of today’s youth living in a western society.

According to the panellists, the Leader of Islamic revolution is an expert in the history of Islam. Therefore, his opinion on the history of the Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.A ) is both beneficial and reliable.

Furthermore, Ayatollah Khamenei is practically the leader of an Islamic government; therefore, his views on the management of the Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.A ) are more significant than those of other scholars because the Prophet also led his society. “

The other panellist Father Frank Gelli the Anglican priest and cultural critic, and commentator, said: “Many of the contents of this book, such as how the Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.A) extended his mercy to individual conduct, governance, diplomacy, and society leadership, are interesting to me.”

He added: We read in this book that the Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.A), like all prophets, played the role of a teacher and presented divine messages to the people.

In the book of “the Prophet of Mercy”, we also read that the Prophet of Islam sought to unite the religious community, including Christians and Muslims, against an atheist and pagan society. The Esteemed Leader of Iran has well stated in this book that the West is now seeking to dominate its anti-religious and immoral way of life in all world societies. “

Previously published in Turkish, Urdu and Bengali languages, this book coincided with Unity Week last year.

Shaykh Noor Ul Aqtab Siddiqi, a Sunni cleric and lecturer at Hejaz University in England, also said: “The most exciting part of the book for me was that the leader of an Islamic society in the 21st century tells the leaders of the world in our time, in order to solve the current challenges and crises, Let us pay attention to the Prophet of Islam and set him as a role model for the just and divine administration of countries. “

Official reports indicate that the number of Muslims in the West is growing and that about five per cent of Britain’s 67 million population are Muslim.


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