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Memorial of the Quran Commentator; Late Dr. Ali Al-Awsi at the Islamic Centre of England

A memorial of the late Quran commentator Dr. Ali Al-Awsi was held at the Islamic Centre of England. In this ceremony, hundreds of people of different nationalities attended.
this included scholars, religious figures and students of Dr Ali Al-Awsi.
The Islamic Centre of England recited the Quran by several reciters and several speakers both in English and Arabic. speech was given on the great characteristics and qualities of Dr. Ali Al-Awsi.

HIWM Seyed Hashem Moosavi, the director of the Islamic centre of England, gave a speech appreciating the guests that were present at this memorial those who shared the grief of the staff of the Islamic Centre of England, he said that Dr. Ali Al-Awsi was not just a colleague for us but his etiquettes and scientific Quranic knowledge was a valuable lesson and of great importance for us, and his services and sincerity in serving the Qur’an will certainly not be ignored by Allah (SW).

The director of the Islamic Centre of England added: The late Dr. Ali Al-Awsi, in more than two decades of Quranic services in the Islamic Center of England, trained many students in the field of religious and Quranic sciences and his struggles for the Quran made him a lasting figure among his friends and students.

In this ceremony, HIWM Rashed al-Ansari also said in a speech in Arabic: “Immigration is a divine thing for a person who is afraid of preserving his life and religion or intends to seek knowledge in order to gain God’s approval.” He added: “The reward of martyrdom is written for someone who migrates in the way of God and loses his life in any way, and Dr. Ali Al-Awsi was a person who had these qualities and characteristics.”

Sheikh Rashad Al-Ansari said: Dr. Ali Al-Awsi was born in a family of the helpers of the Ahlul Bayt (AS) and his father Mullah Ahmad was the first person to attend the morning congregational prayers in the mosque and then went to his place of work and for the noon, evening and evening prayers. And by Isha he would have stoped working instead he would go to the mosque and participate in continuous Quran programs, which made him a spiritual figure a father like this can raise a son like Dr. Ali Al-Awsi with a heart filled with love for the Quran.


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