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Islamic Centre of England hosts Muslims on Qadr Nights

London(IP): The Islamic Centre of England has been prepared to host thousands of Muslims for prayers on Qadr Nights and mourning for Imam Ali’s martyrdom in London and other British cities.

Tuesday, 19 April 2022 10:12 [ Last Update: Tuesday, 19 April 2022 10:13 ]

Iran PressEurope: HIWM Sayed Hashem Moosavi, the Director of the Islamic Centre of England, about Muslims’ conditions in Ramadan 2022, told Iran Press:” Although restrictions of COVID-19 have been lifted, many people still cannot use face-to-face religious programs due to their particular condition.”

Mousavi said that they organized only 15 days for Muslims to attend the Islamic Centre of London last year. Still, there are 30 days of the religious program this year and extraordinary cultural and educational events.

The representative of the Leader in Britain said: In the last year, we could only receive 80 people because of the corona restrictions, but this year we are hosting the fasting people at the Iftar ceremony, from 700 people on the first days to 1200 people on the nights of Ghadr.

Mousavi added that the presence of volunteers to participate in the programs and provide services, charity, and accept the cost of Iftar this year had found a good atmosphere, which shows the increase of spirituality among the believers and the audience of the Islamic Centre of London.

According to the British Islamic Centre head, special Ramadan programs will be held this year in other British cities, including Islamic centres in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Cardiff, and Liverpool.


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