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Examining the Challenges of the Youngest Imam at the Islamic Centre of England

The ceremony commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Javad (AS) was held in the Islamic Centre of England under the title of examining the challenges of the youngest Shia Imam. In this ceremony, which began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, the speakers spoke in Arabic, English and Persian about the theme of this ceremony. Then eulogists performed eulogies in both Arabic and Persian languages in mourning for the martyrdom of the youngest Shia Imam, Hazrat Javad (AS).

Moreover, in the Arabic section, HIWM Khalkhali stated that: Doubts in the Imamate of Imam Javad (AS) during his childhood was one of the challenges of this Imam’s era, which led to the creation of the Waqefiya sect, but based on a narration from Imam Reza (AS) that the birth of Imam Javad (AS) will be the most auspicious birth for Shiites, not only the Imamate of Imam Javad (AS) but also Shia Twelver was established.

In the continuation of this ceremony, HIWM Farzadaq explained in English that: One of the main challenges of the youngest Shiite Imam (AS) was Mamun’s struggle and opposition to him, in such a way that when Mamun saw a large crowd that they intended to follow Imam Reza (AS), first he. Martyred Imam Reza (AS), and then he took the path of destroying Imam Javad (AS) at a young age, when he decided to challenge Imam Javad (AS) at the age of six by holding a meeting with the presence of 900 religious scholars, the ninth Imam (AS) defeated all of them. It showed that the real face of the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) is like this, and the Imam of Imam Javad (AS) was proven again during that era.

Furthermore, the third speaker of this event was HIWM Seyed Nasim Heydari, who talked about the challenges of the youngest Shiite Imam. He said that: The creation of numerous sects and facing these sects on the one hand and cruel rulers like Mamun, on the other hand, were among the challenges of this young Imam, but Imam Javad (AS) from his childhood with a powerful presence and vigilance against any deviation and suspicion among the people and conscious resistance and insight against Mammon’s conspiracies was conqueror in every challenge. For this reason, Mammon’s enmity made this young Imam, the youngest, martyred Imam at the age of 25.


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