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The spiritual ceremony of Arafah supplication was held on Saturday, July 8, 2022, (ninth of Dhul-Hijjah), at the Islamic Centre of England.

In this emotional atmosphere, people from different nationalities were present and they raised their hands towards their Lord to receive His mercy and grace.


The presence of young people was evident from the beginning of the prayer and the number of women participating in this ceremony was more enthusiastic than before.


Arafah is a reminder of the day when Gabriel (A.S.) taught Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) the practices and rituals of Hajj and Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) answered to Gabriel’s question that he had learned, he said “Arafah” and this day was called Arafah.


Arafah is the day of knowing God and the day of prayer, salvation, forgiveness, manifestation of worship, and it is the day of having the needs fulfilled, and in one word, Arafah is the day of rebirth.


The Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran states in the greatness of the Day of Arafah: “The great blessings of the Day of Arafah, introduce this day to us as the day of blessings, mercy from the Lord and Eid. I want to say to all of you brothers and sisters and to all the people of Iran that you consider these opportunities to pay attention to the Lord.”


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