Contemporary Thoughts Press


Contemporary Thoughts Press is a publication that was established at the beginning of 2020, and its purpose is to publish scientific, religious, research and cultural books and magazines in English. So far, six books and three magazines have been translated, edited and authored, which have reached the stage of publication.


Three of the books and all three journals are also published and available to be purchased.


These works are:

  1. Kitāb al-Insān by Allāma Muḥammad Ḥusayn Ṭabāṭabāī- Stages of Spiritual Growth
  2. A for Allah – written by Ruqiyeh Jamali – illustrated by Razieh Fouladvand
  3. Hussain and the Struggle for Justice – by Dr Chris Hewer
  4. Rijāl Studies – An Introduction – By Dr. Saeid Sobhani
  5. Ashura Encyclopaedic Dictionary – By Dr Muhammad Reza Fakhr Rohani
  6. The Master’s Testament – Translated by Dr Mehdi Baghi
  7. Scientific-research journal of interdisciplinary studies of the Holy Quran
  8. Journal of Contemporary Islamic Studies
  9. The Journal of Interdisciplinary Qur’anic Studies (JIQS)


For more information and having access to the works, please visit the following website: