Commemorating the Shahadat of Imam Kadhim (AS)

Date(s) - February 26, 2022
18:30 - 20:30

Islamic Centre of England


The Islamic Centre of England will commemorate the Shahadat of Imam Kadhim (AS) in Farsi at the centre in person.

The programme will be held on Saturday night 24th of Rajab which is the night of martyrdom of our beloved 7th Imam (AS).

The lecturer is HIWM Seyed Hashem Moosavi and the reciter is Haj Ali Musallaee.

Short Biography:

Name: Musa
Title: al-Kadhim (The Calm or Restrained); Bab al-Hawa’ij (The Door to Fulfilling One’s Needs)
Nickname: Abu al-Hassan
Father: Ja’far al-Sadiq, peace be upon him
Mother: Hamidah al-Barbariyyah
Birth: 7th Safar, 128 AH/745 CE in Madinah, Hejaz region of the Arabian Peninsula
Wafat: 25th Rajab, 183 AH/7991 CE, after being poisoned by Harun al-Rashid
Age at Martyrdom: 55
Period of Imamate: 33 years
Buried: Kadhimayn, Baghdad, Iraq

Imprisonment and Martyrdom

Historians are in agreement that Harun imprisoned Imam al-Kadhim for several years because he feared that the Imam would incite people against him. The seventh Imam was transferred from the darkness of one prison to another and subjected to very harsh conditions. Still, the Imam always viewed the situation positively and prayed frequently:

“O God, I always used to ask You to free me (from other duties) in order to worship You; and You have answered me, so thanks be unto You for doing so.”

Harun ultimately decided to murder the seventh Imam. The corrupt ruler ordered the prison warden to poison Imam al-Kadhim. In order to cover up his heinous act, Harun called upon the scholars of his court, as well as the distinguished personalities of Baghdad, to witness that the Imam was apparently healthy. But Imam al-Kadhim realized this, turned to those present, and said:

“Witness that I have been killed by poison. For three days, witness that I have appeared healthy on the outside, but I have been poisoned…”

The Holy Imam predicted that he would be martyred after three days, and so he was. Imam al-Kadhim (AS) was buried in the Quraysh cemetery of Baghdadwhich is now known as Kadhimiyyah.

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