1. Holding conferences of the clerics and scholars living in Britain before the month of Muharram and Ramadan
  2. Holding conferences on special occasions such as the departure of Imam RA
  3. Holding the Conference of Unity (between Shiites and Sunnis)
  4. Holding Interfaith Dialogue Conferences


The main goals of this department are:


  1. Identifying effective (non-Muslim) religious currents, organizations and personalities in England and establishing communication for mutual thinking and cooperation with genuine and reliable organizations and personalities
  2. Participation and active membership in interfaith dialogue conferences
  3. Holding interfaith dialogue meetings with the participation of other religious and academic centres, with the priority of influential centres that are ready to participate in holding conferences.
  4. Monitoring the activities of written and visual media about Islam, Shia and Iran, identifying influential media figures and using or creating opportunities to correct wrong attitudes and improve the image of Islam, Shia and Iran in the media.
  5. Helping the Institute of Islamic Studies in identifying and establishing scientific relations with the departments of Islamic Studies and Theology in western universities and having cooperation with them.