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Allama Tabatabai School

One of the most important aspects of the education of children and teenagers in the West is the teaching of common subjects in schools, which is sometimes disrupted for various reasons. By setting up the Allama Tabatabai School, the Islamic Centre of England not only encourages students to learn their schools’ subjects, but also helps them in this way by using experienced teachers. Students can use the educational environment of the Islamic Centre of England and the professors introduced by this valuable centre for teaching subjects such as science and mathematics individually and in groups.

On Saturdays, students are given a free math assessment.

Class time:

  • Saturday 14 to 18
  • Sunday 17 to 19

and other days of the week

Also, for GCSE students, the first math lesson is held for free.


For more information and to register for tutoring classes of math, English and science at Allameh Tabatabai School please contact these numbers: