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The Institute of Islamic Studies

The Institute of Islamic Studies affiliated to the Islamic Centre started its work in 1997 AD and by holding numerous conferences and in cooperation with prominent universities in the field of Islamic Studies, publishing books and publishing the Transcendent Philosophy magazine, the academic activities of the Islamic Centre of England continued. Some of the instances of such activities were holding 20 conferences in English, one conference in Persian and one in Arabic, from 1998 to 2004.

Considering the need to try to introduce pure Islam in the West and especially in academic circles, it is very important to strengthen the activities of the Institute of Islamic Studies and establish a relationship with the Islamic and theological centres in the West. Holding joint conferences, publishing books and scientific publications in a joint manner is the basis for the entry of pure thoughts into these centres.

With the previous experiences and the connection with the academic centres in the UK, USA and Canada, it is hoped that the centre’s Islamic Studies Institute can be transformed into a well-known and reliable academic centre.

It is not necessary for this institute to be in charge of every numerous research work, but it should do the following works in cooperation with the research centres inside Islamic countries, especially in the seminary of Qom by doing these activities:

  1. Informing research centres to produce appropriate and useful content for academic centres in the West
  2. Translation or ordering the preparation of excellent research works
  3. Creating grounds for the presence of seminarians and internal thinkers in scientific conferences or holding chairs in teaching Islamic and Shia studies in western universities
  4. Holding joint conferences and even if possible in academic environments
  5. Co-publishing books with publications of prestigious universities in order to benefit from their academic advantages
  6. Holding intensive training courses and workshops for introducing the true Islam and new intellectual topics
  7. Preparation of the library of the Islamic Centre of England to make it a specialized library of Shia studies and expose it to the public and connect it with university libraries so that students and researchers can search and find their needed books in the centre.
  8. Holding an annual conferences in the field of Shia Studies and inviting those who are professors in this subject to stay up-to-date about the works being done in this matter and to gain influence and a central position