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Benefits of fasting and medical advice for people who fast

Dr. Hussein Saleh, a medical doctor living in London, said in an interview with the media department of the Islamic Centre of England in London that fasting is harmless and has benefits for a healthy person.
According to this Muslim doctor, regulating the gastrointestinal tract, insulin, and other organs is one of the benefits of fasting for healthy people, and even the body has the opportunity to rest after eleven months in the holy month of Ramadan. Dr. Saleh added that when the body does not have some rest, it causes overweight, blood sugar, and even other diseases in some cases. In contrast, fasting forces the body to relax, which in some cases prevents diseases.
Dr. Saleh added: Sick and older adults should consult their doctor to decide whether they are allowed to fast or not.
The Iraqi doctor living in London emphasized that the respected fasting people should consume more liquids and water after breaking the fast.

Dr Hossein Saleh is one of the distinguished reciters of the Holy Quran living in London.


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