A Place for Worship and Guidance


Education Department of the Islamic Centre of England 

Since 1998, the Islamic Centre of England, in addition to its cultural and religious activities, has always tried to include the teaching of the Qur’an, the Qur’anic sciences, Islamic teachings, and the Persian and Arabic languages.
The Centre, with a wealth of past experiences, is currently pursuing its education department in the Deputy director of academic affairs through two schools, Tebyan and Navid Ayandeh International School (Mabna).

Tebyan School

This school on weekends in three areas:

  • Teaching the Qur’an, reciting, interpreting and memorizing the Qur’an
  • Teaching Islamic rules and Islamic Knowledge
  • Teaching Arabic language

It has a wide range of services for all ages, from teenagers to adults students in the Muslim community.

The school trains more than 350 students for nine months during the school academic year. The school also includes training, empowerment and updating of its teachers in its scheduled programs.

Novid Ayandeh International School (MABNA)

This school has been established in cooperation with the Islamic Centre of England and Tazkieh Cultural and Educational Institute in Iran.

The aims of this school, which operates in primary school, are:

  • Promoting religious education and Islamic knowledge to the children of Iranian and non-Iranian families around the world
  • Teaching Persian to the children of Iranian and non-Iranian families around the world
  • Helping Iranian and non-Iranian families around the world to stay in touch with the rich culture of Iran

The school operates from the first to the sixth grade of elementary school and students can benefit from the educational and training services of this school in three levels:

  • Total lessons of each grade
  • Persian lessons, Quran, and heavenly gifts for every grade
  • Single lessons in each grade

This school has provided virtually education in the framework of Iran’s education curriculum.