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Family Affairs in Islamic Centre of England

The Family and social affair department of the Islamic Centre of England was one of the first departments to be set up upon the establishment of the Centre. The Family and Social Affairs department of ICEL is a refuge and reference for the community to seek advice and consideration of their family and social affairs, individually and collectively.
Human beings are social beings and Social interactions need a thoughtful approach if one wishes to keep one’s religious values. Communities have a duty to educate and being educated in the art of communicating with others. A good and healthy relationship between husband and wife can have a huge impact on the upbringing of children who are constantly looking for role models to follow.
The main areas of work of this department are in: solemnisation of marriages, family consultation, miscellaneous social affairs, Islamic divorce procedures and responding to many other queries related to the above issues as well as conversion to Islam. The department offers an excellent opportunity to gauge the extent of problems or trends in Islamic communities having direct access to real people.
There are several causes that can bring about disputes in a family, among the general causes we can mention: Legislations, Egoism and Ignorance. Unfortunately prompt action in the form of mediation and intervention by a neutral party is often delayed. In this respect Islamic Centres and religious organizations have a very delicate and important duty to perform by providing the professional needed assistance especially for the families of the immigrant community.


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