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HIWM Sheikh Javad Esmaeili

‎Short Biography

HIWM Sheikh Javad Esmaeili

Sheikh Javad Esmaeili finished his studies in “Islamic Studies,” at “International ‎Institute for Islamic Studies” in Level 3 (equivalent to MA). The dissertation ‎title was “The consistency of reason and faith in Shiism and Catholicism.”‎
He finished level 4 of Hawzah (equivalent to PhD) in Fiqh and Usul in 2021. ‎The dissertation title was “A Comparative Study of Insaf in Islam and ‎Christianity.”I also have participated in Kharij lessons in Fiqh (jurisprudence) ‎and Usul (principles of Fiqh) for 12 years. ‎
Also, Sheikh Javad Esmaeili is preaching and teaching Islamic classes in different ‎cities within Iran and abroad, including Qum, Shiraz, Indonesia, South Africa, ‎Ghana, and the UK for more than 12 years.‎