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HIWM Sheikh Asad Dharsi

Asad Dharsi is a life-long student of religion, science, humanities and arts with a considerable interest in their confluence in Islamic education – its theory and practice. With an international upbringing and experiencing diverse cultures and linguistic traditions, he has formally completed studies towards a B.Sc – Biochemistry/Chemistry, B.Ed (UBC) and a BA – Islamic sciences and jurisprudence (Hawzah Ilmiyyah – Qum) and has recently completed his MA – Islamic jurisprudence and legal studies with a minor in Qur’anic sciences and exegesis. His professional life includes a career as a plant chemist, secondary and middle-school teacher in both public and private education systems as well as a family, youth and child mentor, camp director, weekend school principal and a seasonal lecturer, thinking globally yet focused on his hometown of suburban Vancouver, BC.