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Holding the 47th session of Weekly Webinar on Parenting- By HIWM Sheikh Asad Dharsi- Saturday 06/11/2021

Holding the 47th session of weekly webinar on Parenting

In an era where so many of people are working or studying from home and have more flexible timetables, Islamic Centre of England is holding few live interactive discussions in different speaker and topics such as weekly webinar on Parenting.

The weekly webinar on Parenting is held live every Saturday at 6:00 p.m. on virtual networks such as Zoom, YouTube and Facebook.

The 47th session of this webinar, which was held on Saturday, November 6th, 2021, at 18:00, dedicated its topic to the following subject:

“Nurturing Ethics and Morals: building character and emotional intelligence”

In this meeting, which was addressed by HIWM Sheikh Asad Dharsi, he spoke for 55 minutes on the subject of the meeting.

Sheikh Asad Dharsi is a life-long student of religion, science, humanities and arts with a marked interest in their confluence in Islamic education – its theory and practice. With an international upbringing and experiencing diverse cultures and linguistic traditions, he has formally completed studies towards a B.Sc – Biochemistry/Chemistry, B.Ed (UBC) and a BA – Islamic sciences and jurisprudence (Hawzah Ilmiyyah – Qum) and has recently completed  his MA – Islamic jurisprudence and legal studies with a minor in Qur’anic sciences and exegesis. His professional life includes a career as a plant chemist, secondary and middle-school teacher in both public and private education systems as well as a family, youth and child mentor, camp director, weekend school principal and a seasonal lecturer, thinking globally yet focused on his hometown of suburban Vancouver, BC.

He is serving as the Principal of the newly established Al-Mustafa School in Surrey, BC.

At the second part of the meeting in the Q&A section, the meeting’s moderator, Ms. Sumayah Razavi, read the questions raised by the participants in the meeting and the speaker answered them.

The session, which lasted 35 minutes, ended at 19:00.

Weekly Webinar on Parenting

📣 Talk by HIWM Sheikh Asad Dharsi

📌 Topic On: “Nurturing Ethics and Morals: building character and emotional intelligence “

🗓️ Saturday 6th November 2021

⏰ Time: 6:00 p.m.

🌎 Live on




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