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HIWM Sheikh Hossein Latifi

Sheikh Hossein Latifi was born and raised in Qom. After ten years of study in ‎the Islamic Seminary (Hawza) of Qom, and simultaneous with following ‎advanced Islamic Jurisprudence and Its principles (Kharej), he continued ‎parallel postgraduate studies in the University of Tehran and earned MPhil ‎‎(2014) and PhD (2018) in Western Philosophy.

In Hawza, he benefitted from ‎Ayt. Sayyed Ahmad Madadi, Shaykh Mahdi Shabzendedar and Sayyed Javad ‎Shubairi Zanjani.

In university and Hawaza, he has taught under and ‎postgraduate courses on Islamic theology, History, philosophy and ‎Jurisprudence in Arabic, Farsi and English, in his home country and abroad. ‎

From August 2019 to April 2022, he served as the visiting lecturer of Islamic ‎studies at the University of Zimbabwe and Arrupe Jesuit University.‎