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Islam in less than 500 words:

by Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, 2019

 In the ISLAMIC beginning…

  • In the Name of God the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful

 Islamic Greetings

  • Salamun Alaykum: Peace be upon you

 What is Islam and who is a Muslim?

  • Islam literally means: Submission or surrendering to God
  • Muslim is a person who believes in ‘Islam’

 The Emergence of Islam

  • Literally Islam began with the first prophet; Adam
  • In its complete sense, Islam began with the first revelation to Prophet Muhammad in 25 June 610 AD at the age of 40 (Muhammad was born in 28 April 570 AD)

 The Main Sources of Knowledge in Islam

  • The Holy Quran
  • The Hadith (sayings and practical life of the Prophet Muhammad)

 The bedrock of Islam

  • In Theory: Faith in One God, Hereafter and Prophets
  • In Practice: Righteous Deeds

 Main Beliefs

  • Monotheism: believing in Unique God who does not beget nor is He begotten
  • Justice of God: believing that God is neither cruel nor unfair
  • Prophecy: believing in all God’s Messengers from Adam to Muhammad
  • Successors of the Prophet: Imam Ali and his 11 offspring
  • Resurrection: believing in the day of Judgment: Eternity in Hell or Heaven

 Islam in Practice

  • Jurisprudence: Worshipping (Daily Prayers, Fasting, Charity (Zakat and Khoms), Pilgrimage to Hajj, Jihad, enjoining good and forbidding evil, befriending friends of God and dissociation from the enemies of God), only Halal meat is permissible to eat. All types of intoxicants are forbidden. Gambling is forbidden. Marriage is very recommended act and divorce is permissible but detested
  • The noble social rule in Islam: “Repel evil with what is best.” (i.e. don’t repel evil with evil)

 Two Main Muslim Denominations

  • Shi’a: Those who believe Prophet Muhammad (P)- by the divine command- appointed Ali; his son-in-law and cousin, and his 11 offspring ending with Imam Mahdi, as his caliphs
  • Sunni: Those who the Prophet (P) did not appoint anyone after himself to lead the Muslim community

 Islamic Calendar and Main Festivals

  • Muslim Calendar is lunar
  • Holidays in Islam are holy days
  • Eidul-Fitr (celebrating successfully ending the Month of Fasting)
  • Eidul-Adha (celebrating successfully ending the Hajj pilgrimage)
  • Eidul-Ghadir (celebration of divine appointment of Imam Ali, by the Prophet as the authority after him: 70 days prior to Prophet’s demise.)
  • Ashura (Commemoration of martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet; Imam Husain and his loyal companions)


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