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Special Programmes on Ashura Day at the Islamic Centre of England

On the day of Ashura, the mourning ceremony of the Master of the Martyrs will be held at the Islamic Centre of England in Persian and Arabic languages ​​before the noon prayer.

In these ceremonies, the speakers will deliver lectures about the hardships bore by the Household of the Holy Prophet SAWA in the day of Ashura and eulogies about the sufferings and sacrifices of Hazrat Aba Abdullah Al-Hussein (AS) and his loyal companions will also be recited.

The programme in Arabic will start at 8 am on Ashura and will continue until 10 am. In this ceremony, HIWM Seyyed Ali Hosseini will give a speech and Mullah Al-Darrazi will recite poetries.

The Farsi programmes on the day of Ashura, starts at 11:00 and continues until the noon prayer. In this ceremony, HIWM Seyed Hashem Moosavi, the Imam of the Islamic Centre of England, will give a speech and Haj Ali Mosallai will recite.

The procession on the day of Ashura will also start at 14:30 from Hyde Park with the presence of mourning delegations from different Islamic Centres.


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