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A grand celebration on the birth anniversaries of the flag bearers of Karbal – 2023

A befitting show of Hussaini passion in the celebration of the flag bearer of Karbala
On the anniversary of the divine leaders of Karbala, a magnificent celebration was organized at the Islamic Centre of England attended by hundreds of Shia residents of London.
In this glorious celebration held on Saturday evening, 25th February 2023, honouring the birth anniversaries of Imam Husain (a.s.), Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) and Imam Sajjad (a.s.), several joyous and jubilant programs were held in the Islamic Centre of England. This happy occasion radiated by the presence of a large number of youth and teenagers.
The audience were mesmerised by the broadcast of harmonious religious music videos. The presentations by the eulogists of the Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.) in three languages: English, Arabic and Persian, captivated the hearts of everyone with their mellifluous rhythm that created excitement and joy in the attendees.
Another part of the commemorative event was the Kahoot competition which consisted of 14 questions in the name of the fourteen Infallibles (a.s) with a focus on the virtuous qualities of the great personalities of Karbala, especially Imam Husain b. ‘Ali b. Abu-Talib (a.s.). This was followed by a special ceremony where three of the winners of this cultural competition received awards in commemoration of the occasion, presented to them by HIWM Syed Hashim Musavi, the Imam of the Islamic Centre of England.
A female poet recited poetry in English, followed by a recitation of a small comprehension in Persian by a junior young lady from the School of the Islamic Republic of Iran in London. The celebration was proceeded by a speech by Dr. Rebecca Masterton, an English Muslim convert, who highlighted the role of hijab and the position of Muslim women in the West.
The presence of a bride and groom in the glorious celebration anniversary of the birth of Imam Husain (a.s.) was another special feature of the event, which brought joy and happiness to the audience.
Ayatollah Fadil Milani, a religious scholar residing in London, addressed the listeners in Arabic and Persian, referring to the divine works of the great personalities of Karbala in the continuation of the Movement of Ashura: The first spiritual work after Ashura is the Sahifa Sajjadiyah of Imam Sajjad (a.s.) who, during the most difficult conditions, by means of this, transmitted the best religious and educational teachings to the Shias.
He added: “The second educational work and living proof of Imam Zayn al-‘Abidin (a.s.) among us Shias is his (a.s.) Risalat Al Huqooq, containing hadiths and narrations about human rights, family, neighbours, and social relations; being attentive to these works, would result in us leading blissful lives.
Ayatollah Milani described organisation of these celebrations and honouring the Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.) in the magnificent presence of large crowds in the Islamic Centre of England as a source of pride and joy, and added: “The most important source and reference for relying on religious teachings is the hadith of Thaqalain, according to this valuable hadith, Quran and Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.) are two powerful arms for human happiness for every individual and society in today’s world.
At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Rebecca Masterton, a Muslim convert, stressed upon the importance of children’s education based on the lives of Imams (a.s.) and said: “The truth about the Infallible Imams (a.s.) should be taught to the children inside the homes by parents so that they do not acquire immoral principles and non-religious culture from other educational environments such as the school and from streets in the West.
She further added: “From Imam Hussein (a.s.) it is narrated that the real Shias are the carriers of the traditions of the Prophet (a.s.) and the Imams (a.s.).
She said: “We know Shias as the Shias of Amir al-Mu’minin (a.s.), and due to false propaganda against Muslims, especially Shias, we are all obliged to show the true face of Shia by practicing the ethics of the Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.) and by acquiring knowledge.”


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