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Ashura midday prayers at the Islamic Centre of England

On the day of Ashura, the midday prayer was more glorious than ever at the Islamic Centre of England in London. Many mourners of Imam Hussain AS participated in the congregational prayers led by the director of the Islamic Centre of England HIWM Seyed Hashim Moosavi.
This international spiritual gathering is held annually in remembrance of the midday prayer on the day of Ashura of Imam Hussain AS in Karbala. This year, Ashura fell on Monday the 8th of August, and was commemorated at the Islamic Centre of England and was attended by many mourners for Imam Hussain AS of various languages and nationalities. At this great event, the mourners were affected by the special spiritual effects received on this very important day.
Before the noon prayer of Ashura, HIWM Moosavi read parts of the historic events of Imam Hussain AS, his family and companions, in arabic known as the ‘maqtal’. The events read from the maqtal caused mourners’ grief to reach its peak in mourning for Imam Hussain AS and his loyal companions.


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