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Registration deadline extended for Persian Learning School at the Islamic Centre of England

The Islamic Centre of England has decided to extend its registration deadline for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year.
According to a report of the department for Public Relations at the Islamic Centre of England, the original deadline was the 6th of September 2022, which has now been extended to the 1st of October due to a number of requests from the general public.
Novid Ayandeh International School (Mabna) is now starting its third year for those interested in learning Persian. It is a virtual school launched in 2020 in cooperation with the Tazkieh Cultural and Educational Institute in Iran.

The report also states that dozens of certificates have been awarded to graduates of these courses over the past two years. Mabna school has provided an invaluable opportunity for students all over the globe to learn Persian at different levels starting from elementary all the way until sixth grade across three levels. The Islamic Centre provided this golden opportunity for those who like to learn Farsi in England and other parts of the world with a low-cost fee and ensured classes are taught by experienced staff. Children aged 6-12 can participate in this online school, continuing their Iranian school education online.


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