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A magnificent reception for the screening of the film, “Muhammad Rasoul Allah (a.s.)”, presented at The Islamic Centre of England

On the anniversary of Mab’ath of Khatam al-Anbiya’, the film “Muhammad Rasoul Allah (a.s.)” was screened in the Islamic Centre of England and received a tremendous welcome by audiences in different languages.
In the celebrations of Mab’ath of the noble Rasool (a.s.), on Saturday evening, 18th February, 2023, in The Islamic Centre of England, after the recitation of The Holy Quran, the film of ‘Mohammad Rasoul Allah’ (a.s.) was aired in Persian with English and Arabic subtitles. Keeping in mind the length of time of this, which was a three-hour feature film, it appealed to the audience such that hundreds of people remained till the end of the film.
The occasion was also attended by Muslims from different faiths. After the film, in an interview with the Media Section of the Islamic Centre of England, some members of the audience conveyed their satisfaction and gratitude on the selection and screening of the film.
The story of Muhammad Rasoul Allah (a.s.), directed by Majid Majidi, begins in year 10 after be’that of the holy Prophet Muhammad (a.s.) when Muslims were under economic sanctions. It continues as to when Abu Talib enters the room of the holy Prophet where the Prophet (a.s.) is performing salah. The Prophet, after surah Tawhid recites Surah Fil and after Sura al-Tawhid, he recites Sura al-Fil, and there suddenly in a flashback, the film turns to the year of al-Fil and the birth of the Prophet (a.s.) and his childhood.


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