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Celebrating the Birthday of Lady Zahra (pbuh) at the Islamic Centre of England

The event on the auspicious birth anniversary of the daughter of the Messenger of Islam, Sediqeh Taherah, Hazrat Zahra (pbuh) and the week honouring the status of woman and Mother’s Day were held at the Islamic Centre of England.

This spectacular event, which was held on Tuesday evening on the 2nd January 2024 was presented in three languages: Arabic, English and Farsi. The gathering of the lovers of the infallible and Pure Ahl al-Bayt (pbut) was held in the main hall of the Islamic Centre of England in London. The ceremony, which was held on the second day of the new year, began with the recitation of the divine Sura Maryam in order to welcome the birth of the blessed lady Fatemeh Zahra (pbuh), model of humanity.

In this ceremony, the speakers described the high status of the lady of the two worlds and described this birth as a source of worthiness for women.

In the first part of the ceremony, which was in Arabic, HIWM Seyed Qasim Jalali described strengthening the faith and encouraging others towards righteous deeds, solving family problems, raising children in accordance with Fatimid lifestyle, and the strengthening of children and parents’ connection as three practical lessons learnt from the life of the daughter of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

In the continuation of the ceremony, in the English speech of Hojjat al-Islam, Sheikh Mirza Abbas said: About 135 verses of the Qur’an have been revealed in honour of Fatima Zahra (pbuh), which either directly refer to the greatness of that Lady or refer to the honour of Ahl al-Bayt (pbut), Hazrat Siddiqa Kubra (pbuh) being one of its examples.

This speaker also referred to the Hadiths of the Masoomeen (pbut), especially that of the Prophet (pbuh) about Lady Zahra (pbuh). That the statements and narrations of the noble Lady (pbuh) as one of the signs of the scholarly position of the lady of the two worlds.

In the Persian part of the celebration of the auspicious birth of Lady Zahra (pbuh) in the Islamic Centre of England, Hojjat al-Islam Sheikh Mohammad Ruhollah Bakhtiari also referred to the importance of love and adoration in Islam and its impact on daily life in the present day. He added: Recitation of the Quran, loving glances and spending in the way of God are three signs and characteristics of the personality and character of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (pbuh) which plays a great role in meeting the needs of humanity in today’s society.

At the end of the ceremony, the eulogists of the Ahl al-Bayt (pbut), praised through their recitations of eulogies the virtues of the Lady of the two worlds, Hazrat Zahra (pbuh) in Arabic and Persian languages.


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